Tip for an interesting festival – Transition festival in the Netherlands

Tip for an interesting festival - Transition festival in the Netherlands

9 March 2024, 14:15, Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht, NL

Discover progressive and inspiring jazz musicians at the Transition Festival. Tickets can be purchased directly on the festival’s venue page – Tivoli Vredenburg


The trumpet plays a major role in this year’s seventh edition. Four trumpeters will highlight the diversity of this instrument in the genre, each from a completely different perspective. Terence Blanchard comes with the E-Collective and the Turtle Island Quartet to play his new project Absence, which combines classical strings and traditional jazz. Trumpeter Avishai Cohen combines the jazz tradition with his Israeli roots. Matthew Halsall’s playing is characterized by deep meditative influences and paves the way for spiritual jazz. Keyon Harrold takes a different path with his combination of jazz, R&B, and hip-hop.

British jazz

In addition to Matthew Halsall, other inspiring musicians are coming to Transition from England. These include London-based saxophonist Emma Rawicz, who has just released her debut album on the ACT Music label. Kamaal Williams presents her new album „Stings“, which was created during a pandemonium of long solo piano sessions. A deeper exploration of jazz, melody and harmony.


Next, we turn our attention to musicians from the Netherlands. Nabou Claerhout from Flanders realizes his dream project: he presents his Trombone Ensemble, consisting of five virtuoso trombonists and a three-piece rhythm section. Another special project is the brand new Dutch big band of Marike van Dijk, the Amsterdam Art Orchestra. Formed this autumn, it includes big names like Tineke Postma and Jasper Blom, as well as young talents like Ella Zirina. From the soil of Utrecht comes Deon Dion Nijlanda. Mark Haanstra, Jaimie Peet, and Rembrandt Frerichs enter into a brand new collaboration with Chris Cheek. John Ghost also comes from Belgium and fills the hall with jazzy post-rock.


Jazz pianists of very different styles and sub-genres also play a big part in the program; Swedish ECM legend Bobo Stenson will be coming to the festival for the first time. Impro icon from America, Myra Melford, will present her new Lux Quartet, which includes percussionist Artemis Allison Miller. From Cuba comes Harold López-Nussa, hailed by the Times as an innovator in Latin American jazz. Christian Sands, also from America, makes his debut at the festival with his trio. Despite their young age, the trio has already released several albums on the leading Mack Avenue label.


New York’s Sascha Berliner plays jazz with vibraphone in the lead role! Otis Sandsjöa’s German Y-Otis is one of the most progressive, genre-spanning jazz bands today, creating dance jazz that is infectious and inimitable at the same time.

Full list of artists:

  • Terence Blanchard E-Collective with Turtle Island Quartet
  • Kamaal Williams
  • Avishai Cohen (Trumpet) Quartet
  • Matthew Halsall
  • Keyon Harrold
  • Bobo Stenson Trio
  • Lux Quartet Melford/Stephens/Colley/Miller
  • Amsterdam Art Orchestra o.l.v Marike van Dijk feat. Tineke Postma, Jasper Blom & more
  • Nabou Claerhout Trombone Ensemble
  • Chris Cheek / Mark Haanstra / Jamie Peet / Rembrandt Frerichs
  • Harold López-Nussa
  • Christian Sands
  • Y-Otis – Sandsjö / Eldh / Nicholls / Peet
  • John Ghost
  • Emma Rawicz
  • Sasha Berliner
  • Dion Nijland Deon