Pianist and composer Nikol Bóková doesn’t interrupt her line of publishing one author’s album a year. After the albums Inner Place (2019), Unravel (2020), and Prometheus (2021) comes the album Elements, which Nikol composed for the newly formed group, performing under the name Nikol Bóková Quartet. This line-up consists of guitarist David Dorůžka, who has already collaborated with Nikol on the album Prometheus, double bass player Martin Kocián and drummer Michał Wierzgoń, who both are permanent members of the Nikol Bóková Trio.

They recorded Elements in the studio Sono Records within two days in March 2022. The author again prepared material with great precision and clear musical ideas, which were enriched in the studio by masterful art and the original invention of all instrumentalists.

The main Nikol’s inspiration for composing this music became classical elements – earth, water, fire, aether, and cosmos, and the vision of the artistic abilities of specific artists for whom she creates her music.

„If I were to try some genre specifications, I would say that compared to my previous albums, Elements are here and there more classic, in some places, there is more jazz, elsewhere more pop and at times definitely more rock,“ says Nikol, adding that, as in previous albums, her compositional style was again based on searching and discovering within her own musical world, which apparently continues to expand.

While all previous albums were by Animal Music, Elements is released by Soleil et Pluie (Sun and Rain), a record label founded this year by Nikol Bóková and Jan Vala. The Elements, therefore, occupies the ceremonial role of the first album released.

Soleil et Pluie, SEP for short, arises primarily from the need for absolute freedom in all the creative processes that accompany the creation of a music album. With big thanks to Animal Music for the three albums released, Jan and I embark on a new adventure, which, very surprisingly, turned out to be a natural step on our journey,“ Nikol says, and Jan adds: “Sun and rain cannot be commanded. They have the freedom to do what they like, and no one can predict, with certainty, what will happen next. They are a source of happiness and unhappiness and can arouse emotions in people, regardless of their inclination to one or another. They are one of the most common themes of the people on planet Earth. Let the music we will release be just like that.“

Recording of the album Elements took place in the Sono Records Doupě Studio in cooperation with the sound engineer Milan Cimfe. Mastering by Jan Vala. The author of the photograph and graphic design of the cover is Jan Vala.

The album is released on June 9, 2022, in digital format (download MP3 and WAV) and will be released on CD in September, along with the release on streaming platforms. Vinyl is scheduled for the winter. Everything will be available in the Soleil et Pluie e-shop.