We really do appreciate the support you offer to musicians all around the world. Because we want to believe that good news spread rapidly, we want to tell you a few words about the upcoming 2012 edition of the Bucharest International Jazz Competition, taking place in Bucharest, capital of Romania.

Over the years, the competition has proved to be a promoter for jazz musicians and bands, not only in Eastern Europe but all over the world. Its mission is to contribute to the acknowledgment of jazz values and to celebrate creativity and freedom of expression in music. In this respect, we would kindly ask you to share the following information with the persons concerned in your network.

Thank you very much and we would really appreciate the support! For more details or questions please feel free to reply to the official address office@jmevents.ro

  • 6th Bucharest International Jazz Competition 2012
  • For BANDS and VOCALISTS of all nationalities
  • Date: 12-19 May 2012
  • Place: Bucharest, Romania

100% jazz & more…competition, jam sessions, workshops…
Bucharest International Jazz Competition, organized by jmEvents, is a singular event on the professional Romanian jazz scene, but also in the entire South Eastern Europe. It is addressed to bands and vocalists aged up to 35 years, and its mission is to contribute to the acknowledgment of the Romanian and international jazz values.

Eligibility: Bands may have up to 6 performing musicians:
instrumentalists and vocalists

Age limit: Applicants must be born after 1st of May 1977.
Registration deadline: February 10, 2012—date of postmark
Prizes: The total amount is 7.000 Euro, cash and concerts.

PO Box 13-63, Bucharest 13
Phone: +40 740 759 566
Fax: +40 21 323 66 00

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